tisdag 14 juni 2016

The Warhammer 40K campaign Uppsala Grimdark

This is a blog started in order to document our Warhammer 40K campaign.Our games are played at home or at our eminent local gaming store Fantasia, which have excellent gaming assets, including tables, reference library of codexes and lots of terrain. And a place to borrow all the stuff you forgot when leaving home.

My 1988 force, before washes was all the rage. Note the old school "basing"
 We are a bunch of friends and aquaintances based in Uppsala, Sweden, with very disparate gaming experiences. Some of us are hard liner WHFB-players, some of us play but seldom paint, some paint but seldom play, some are experienced WH40K-players and some primarily play other games. I played Rogue Trader Slaanesh Marines in 1998-99, and I returned to the hobby after I got bitten by the Dark Elf bug a few years back.

Bengt experimenting with magnets
The goal was to play with friends in an easygoing campaign where Rule Of Cool and fluff was important. It also was also a way to give some momentum to our painting projects, in that we demanded painted armies on the table, starting small, then increasing the point value game by game.

Woohooo! I simply LOVE noodles!
I like to write, but have very little experience with proper writing. Nevertheless I tried to write my first battle report in a short-story format, Anders W (my brother in-law) built upon that story, and both Jon and Anders A did their own short-story pieces. We also produced gigabytes of nicely retouched gaming pictures.

This is an attempt to collect our texts, plans and images. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

/Mattias Westermark

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