lördag 18 juni 2016

Battle 2b. Intro: Meeting at dusk

House Terryn´s encampment – three miles from Tartarus 
The day before the battle
[Author: Anders A]

As night fell and the last light of day faded, a slender shape strode up towards the encampment on the small hill overlooking the great city of Tartarus. Servitor skulls buzzed and soared towards it scanning from a distance. ”Xeno detected – advising precaution – defensive measures taken” a metallic voice called out on the radio. 
Something stirred at the back of the camp and the screeching of pained metal was deafening to the maintenance crew. The ground suddenly shook as an enormous metal foot threw the dust of the desert up in a twenty feet high cloud that made breathing close to impossible. A twin Icarus autocannon of titanic proportions emerged and within seconds it was held merely feet away from the dark shape. ”State your business, xeno, or prepare to face oblivion.” The regal voice of Baron Kaspar, pilot of the ancient knight Valor Untainted, boomed through the built in amplifiers of the suit. 

Five seconds went by, five seconds that felt like an eternity to the onlookers in the working crew. Then a staggering laugh began from inside the masked helmet of the xeno, a laugh that could be felt inside your soul – shaking the foundations of the Imperial Reason and Truth that they had all been taught. ”Oblivion we all face, how we do it is a matter for higher powers. This story does not end here, nor is it the starting point of our narrative. But this I tell you, human, what awaits beyond the gates of Tartarus draws the attention of both our masters. If you can find it in yourself to lower your weapon and heed my proposal, tomorrow might still be a day for your house to add to the stories of legend.”

The words faded and into the last light of day stepped an eldar wearing a checkered suit of armour, its helmet showing a maddening grin. Titan and elder being faced each other as the two suns of Cerberus XIII quivered on the horizon. ”Heed me human and both our deities shall profit”

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