Death Korps of Krieg - the Renegades

Player: Mattias

The 602 siege regiment Krieg have a notable prescence on Cerberus XIII. They were originally deployed in order to set up a campaign of long-range shelling of enemy fortifications. They also took the role of suppressing dissent and rebellion along deep supply routes.

Leading the force is the stern general Kurtz Josef von Riefenstahl, originally assisted by Kommissar-General Ilse Herzog.

After initial battles with the enemy, supply lines reported problems with sabotage by surviving locals. Heresy not confirmed, but after assessing the threat it was decided that pacified areas around the supply routes would be depopulated. Kommissar-General Ilse brought the engineer troops of the 1st Company for a systematic genocide operation in the area between the front and naval base XI PROXIMA ( Coordinates: 0-0 ).

Contact with the Kommissar-General became sporadic. A fragmentary transmission mentioning two  deputy kommissars being executed for heresy was intercepted, but the incident was never confirmed. The horrible truth was that Ilse had become an uneasy ally with the traitor marines of the Wordbearers, tempted with information of treason within the loyal Adeptus Astartes. Although close to the leadership of the traitor marines, she kept her independence, and managed to stay clear of their corrupting influence.
The picture shows Kommissar-General Ilse Herzog in the first scenario, with a 5-man squadron of sappers reinforced with a melta gun, mole launcher and a Centaur transport, and an 8- man squadron with a melta gun. A total of 300 points.
Unter-Kommissar-General Hilda von Stroheim, with renegade Krieg
My plan was to use Krieg under General-Kommissar Ilse as a traitor force when battling with loyalist troops, and General von Riefenstahl when battling enemies of the Imperium.
 As events unfolded, Ilse returned to the fold, and attempted to rescue her batallion from the corruption of Chaos, but lost her original force to blackest treason. The renegade Krieg are now commanded by Chaos-fallen Unter-Kommissar-General Hilda von Stroheim.

Colour scheme inspired by french WWI uniforms:
Base colours
Trousers: Very diluted Rhinox Hide
Coat: Thunderhawk Blue
Gas mask, blanket, leg wraps: Steel Legion Drab
Tank, shovel, weapon: Leadbelcher
Leather: Mournfang Brown
Armour: Black
Equipment: Eshin Grey
Buttons etc: Brass Scorpion

Agrax Earthshade on everything except coat, which has Azurmen Blue.

Equipment: Eshin Grey, Administratum Grey
Leather: Mournfang Brown, Scrag Brown
Metal, chipping: Ironbreaker
Brass: Sycorax Bronze
Coat: Russ Grey, Administratum Grey
Mask, Brown Cloth: Baneblade brown

Edge: Mournfang Brown.
Gravel: Steel Legion Drab.
Wash: Black Badab.
Highlight: Baneblade brown, Ubashti Bone.

MIG pigments Dry Mud

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