Dark Angels 3:rd Company

Player: Joakim B

Brother Captain Company Master Demetrious the Pure stepped onto the bridge of the battlebarge Eternal Vigilance awaited by a robed figure with a grinning skull mask.
"Brother", the robed figure rasped forth.
"Interrogator Wrath", Demetrious responded with a slight bow.
Isiah Wrath, Interrogator Chaplain, had arrived just after the warp jump to Cerberus and requested an immediate meeting with the Company Master.

"It is well that you have arrived with your company to Cerberus, Master. Many are the fell foes here and more yet to come, it seems", Isiah rasped. Demetrious nodded shortly with a grim face.
"The call for aid was heard and we came. Now I await a report from Chapter Master Cantor that will brief me as to where we are needed. My company and I will not disappoint our marine brethren".
Master Demetrious turned away from the chaplain and looked out the transparisteel wall, out into space and onto the surface of Cerberus. He watched the comings and goings of thunderhawks, fighterbombers, stormravens and other ships belonging to the loyalist forces arrayed in orbit around Cerberus. It was a fairly mighty fleet, all things considered. It had to be enough. He had heard talk about chaos legions, traitors and disgusting deamons and if they were right, this would be a bitter fight indeed.

"Why have you joined us, Interrogator", Demetrious asked suddenly and almost hesitantly.
"You know why", came the answer.
"I do. I feared as much, and longed for that answer", the Master said and touched the deathwing tattoo on his left forearm, under his robe.
"We have much to do and little time to do it. So let´s get to it. Chambers have been prepared for you, Interrogator, and my reclusiam is prepared for the planning and prayers. The men are ready for what comes, I have seen to it".
"Yes. The men need to be seen to, I shall pray with your chaplain and make preparations to protect the souls of the Third. Go with the Emperor, Master".
"And you, Interrogator".

There was little time to lose. Demetrious had decided to lead the first foray onto the planet in person to get a picture of the place that would likely occupy the coming months, at least.

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