onsdag 29 juni 2016

Battle 5 & 6: Incaladion - The fury of the Green Tide

This post  represents two games fought on the Forge World Incaladion. No retouched images today, sorry for that. I have a vacation and is sitting in a cabin in the middle of the woods while my gaming buddies are playing games at our local shop.

- Location: the Forge World of Incaladion
- Imperial Forces: Blood Angels.
- Invasion forces: Orcs, Traitor marines from the
Word Bearer Legion.
- Point value:
- Result: Orc/Chaos win 15/13

[Author: Rasmus]

Incoming transmission++
Recipient: Classified
Sender: Blood Angel's Fleet Command
Threat level high,
Xenos invasion force detected,
Target: Forge World Incaladion,
Type: Lesser Waagh + sightings of traitor legions
Requesting assistance immediately

Incoming transmission++
Negative - All current forces engaged,
Attack and secure victory if possible,
Secure intel on traitor forces,
-Pedro out-

Incoming transmission++
Heavy losses sustained,
Suspected "Waagh!" in Ultima Segmentum,
This might just be the beginning...

Rust-ships lit the night sky as they burned through the forge world’s atmosphere like comets. Artillery barrages and volleys of rockets thundered in the distance. Mindboggling traktor beams lifted loads of scrap metal into orbit, hauled into containment fields within the interstellar space hulk Ol’ Rusty-guts -the iron belly of the ork fleet. The plunder of Incaladion had begun, fuelling the Waaagh war machine.

”That there, be da spoils of war lads”, said Warboss Rompgogg. “That there be killy kans, dreads and ‘nauts by the thousands, and all kind o’ warwaggons for da blitz. And ya all know what that means?”

The boys of Da Scrappin’ Ninth warband all fell silent. Warboss Rompgogg had da finkin’ kap on and a gift for kunning plans.

“No more foot slogging ya dimwits!”

The ground shook when another rust-ship touched down and unloaded its boys a few klicks to the south.

“Now ten-hut ya maggots! Or do ya want them late-coming scumbags over at Da Deff Jocks Twelfth to hog all the glory?”

The mob quickly squabbled itself into something resembling a square formation. Not the spit ‘n’ polish detail of the stormboys, but close enough. They’ve been at it all night. The fighting inside the vast fortified city had bogged down into a grinding battle against predator tanks and pesky bolter marines in razorbacks (battle 1, orks vs. blood angels – 10/10 draw).

Now, in the last moments before dawn, warboss Rompgogg advanced his warband into the vast mining fields outside the city. Seeking out the enemy, securing ground and searching for hidden forge fanes located beneath the planets crust.

“What about them other humies?” asked Nob Brokk and pointed his power klaw at the chaos marines with their retinue of fallen guardsmen.

“What about them? Allies of cunvenience. Nuthing more. Now can I be in charge here for a while or do I need to explain da chain of command fing again?”

“Sur, no, sur!” Nob Brokk made a quick salute. Left handed, accidentally smashing the power klaw to his face. “Turd, not again.“

“Boss!” shouted a sluggaboy. “We got incoming!”

A blood angel stormraven came in fast and low. Strafing through the orks, hammering them with a hail of bullets.

“Dokk! Get them patched up and ready to rumble! Da rest of ya, on me! WAAAAGH!” Warboss Rompgogg grinned as he led the charge. The stormraven had come in too fast, too low or simply too cocky and unloaded a terminator squad too close. Among them a librarian – the commander of the quick response force thundering down all around them.

“Stoopid move, human. Fear the fury of the green tide!”

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