Word Bearers: The Host of the Flame of Truth

Player: Jon

The liberation of mankind. A lofty goal, but nothing less would be enough for the Apostle Zebaot, Chaplain of the Flame of Truth. To this end he has led his brothers and sisters, over millennia, over countless worlds, through countless rebellions, awakenings and conversions.

It is a truth known to many that mankind as a species is slowly awakening into a psychic race. The Warp is ever closer to us, yet the Imperium is responding to this with denial and hatred, murdering the awakened and denying the truth. Just like the Emperor once failed to see the truth, that the need of mankind is for purpose and guidance in this vast, often terrifying world, so does his inheritors and jailors, the murderers and enforcers that enforce their rule and his worship, fail to see the past the lie that they have caged themselves within!

This the Truth that the Great Teacher, Zebaot the Apostle, ever teach. That we can free ourselves from the prison the False God's servants have made for us. That we coexist with the Warp, the Other Side, where dwell wonder and madness, freedom and divinity!
The Flame of Truth came to Cerberus XIII almost a century ago. It was a harsh world with a hardy people, most of them living in the subterraenean city of Tarterus. They had been isolated from the Imperium for a long time, and their faith and customs had strayed. The Great Teacher first went to the desert tribes and spoke to their elders and their priests, creating a new faith of freedom and enlightenment. The cult rapidly spread, spurred by the presence and the words of this Angel from the Stars, the angels that the old scripts of Cerberus had spoken of.

Zebaot's goal was to create a society free from the tyranny of the False God's creed, where his brothers and sisters could rest, recruit and build their strength. Like so many other places, planets and times, eventually they would leave, split and seek out other worlds, to show them the Truth in the Spirit's Flame. And as with so many others, they might not last. The Hounds of the Tyrant might find them, as they had found others. But plant enough seeds...

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