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Battle 1.5. Skirmish: The Oasis

- Location: Oasis Settlement Asphodel 
- Imperial Forces: Crimson Fists, Space Wolves
- Chaos Forces: Daemons of Nurgle 
- Points value: 1600 points on each side 
- Combat objectives Imperium: Secure supply lines to Tartarus. Establish a forward base of operations. Annihilate the enemy. 
-  Combat objectives Chaos: Slay warlords and stop the advance. 
- Imperial victory: Daemons need to roll for each unit in next battle, on a 6: -1 Toughness. 
-  Chaos victory: -1 on every reserve roll.
[Author: Anders A]
Planet Fall + 1 day
Captain Lucenzo looked out the window of his troop transport. The undulating dune seas met his gaze as far as the eye could reach. The order had been clear. After the last battle, it was obvious that something was very wrong with Cerberus XIII, and his platoon was one of those sent to seek out and destroy the rebels. First, however, they needed to establish a supply line and a front picket. Satellite scans had shown a settlement near what looked to be an oasis in the desert. Alarmingly, in the direction Choronzon, or “the Great Teacher”, had fled.
Suddenly voices came through on the vox, "Contact with the oasis established, but we do not seem to be the first to get there!". A great rumble was heard when Pluto's Land Raider Vengeance started up all its engines and through the window the dust billowed when Lucenzos rhino also increased in speed.

A sudden stop - "WHAM!", The door burst open and Lucenzo gave orders right and left to his squadron. "Battle Formation, taking the house! Keep your heads down and let whatever is waiting for us taste the wrath of the Emperor!". He jumped over the wall and broke down the door of the house's lower level, "Shooting positions at the windows, give me an update on what you see!". But before he got answers he realized himself what awaited them. Through the window a stinking mass towered upwards. Hundreds of contorted bodies accompanied large rotting beasts that could best be described as crabs. The air was filled with stench and flies but through the palm trees could be seen a horror that no human language could name. "All units listen! We have to do with humanity's worst enemy. Darkness has taken over this place! Request reinforcements!! ".

The whole unit opened fire as one man and the air was filled with projectiles that smashed into the decomposing bodies. Many rose again after being knocked to the ground, their hanging jaws smiling in the sunlight. Suddenly, the house shook and dust filled the air. A loud bang was heard and the house began to collapse over their heads. "OUT!" Lucenzo shouted to his men, "It falls!" He had just the time to shout a warning before being forced to jump away from a giant sword whose rusty edge cleaved through the reinforced roof of the building.

On a roof not far from there, first captain Captain Hector could only watch the mass of monsters approached unhindered. "This will end badly," he thought, just as gray armor materialized in the square below him. To the left the air squealed by the tremendous heat generated when an attack shuttle hits home. From the pod strode a formidable shape with a huge ax and shield against the enemy ranks. The gray shapes opened fire with automatic guns and storm rifles, and rotting meat flew through the air. "Better late than never, the wolves have come to our rescue!" Hector shouted on the vox. The joy was short-lived, however, when a huge plague demon cleaved three terminators with a single sword stroke, as if their armour was mere flesh and not ultra reinforced ceramite. 

After that, everything was a sea of ​​fire, and his enhanced senses soared as the nanoadrenaline flowed through his veins. His veteran unit destroyed one obscenity worse than the next with their intelligent ammunition and fortune seemed to turn. Then a winged horror landed behind them. Before Hector could react, he found to his surprise his torso separated from the body. The last his consciousness was registering was a thunderous laughter and a voice like the buzzing of a thousand flies echoing in his head. "The day may be yours, but Tartarus is waiting. There will be the final battle ...". With his last strength he opened the vox channel and let the last words flow out to his brothers, "Tartarus ...". Then it was all dark.

The smoke dissipated around Lucenzo and suddenly he could see the devastation around him. The wolves mangled bodies lay everywhere mixed with what could only be demons. Soon not even their corpses could be seen as they slowly disappeared from reality. Everything had gone fast but now it was quiet again. A crackling voice was heard in his helmet, "Hernando here. Victory to the Emperor, victory for humanity ". The old dreadnoughts mechanical voice had rarely been more welcome and Lucenzo raised his force sword towards the sky in a victory roar.


Extra images courtesy of the ECBE (Esteemed Conclave for Battle Evaluation), Astra Militarum:

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