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Battle 1. Power Station.

- Location: Abandoned power station, Cerberus XIII
- Imperial Forces: Flesh Tearers, Crimson Fists, Dark Angels
- Renegade Forces: Wordbearers and Renegade Deth Korps of Krieg.
- Wildcard: Harlequins (allied with renegades)
- Point value: 300 points per faction, for a total of 900 points per side.
- Combat objectives include a radio transmitter and a landing pad.

Death Korps of Krieg: Battle One
[Author: Mattias]

"Visual contact"
Ilse watched combat cameras flash in the gas mask HUD.
Adeptus Astartes Crimson Fists and Adeptus Astartes Fleshtearers, two light recon forces.

The plan was to hold the bunker until she managed to retrieve a data cube lost on the landing pad - it couldn’t fall into enemy hands, but must be secured. Or destroyed.

"Wolf pack alpha, stand down and take the tower and the landing pad, Beta, hold the bunker and protects the retreat next to HQ. Centurion 2 prepares to retrieve the package.

She saw a blue Rhino advance through the worn industrial landscape. As soon as it came within range, the earth exploded with mole torpedoes and the dry desert wind became ionized with silent laser shots. Unharmed the rhino spewed out an entire squadron of armored giants and her protective bunker was torn up by a storm of explosive bullets. Her soldiers fell around her while more torpedoes detonated in the sand without hitting their target.
The vox channel was filled with confused messages from the wolf pack alpha and the Centurion transport. Deformed Astartes, who slaughtered a flanking squad of Dark Angels on motorcycles. A report of an unknown sniper which rained death and fear on the Astartes from the Flesh Tearers chapter. She looked up at the tower as she ran towards shelter. The image magnifier showed a glimpse of a skull mask in silver. Ilse cursed. "Extra aces in the deck" Though not the kind of aces she normally wanted to play with.

She gave orders to the last soldier to dash for the radiotransmitter in the bunker, sending her collected information to home base. It has to be done. Rather the possibility that the data was intercepted, than completely lost. In the vox she heard someone scream incoherently of a demon in a mirror mask. Fuck that. She rushed toward a shrubbery of thorny desert bushes as she watched her field generator light up when bullets hit home. A couple went through. And a couple more. She lay on the ground. On the side. The inside of the gas mask was hot and sticky.
"Whipping up a storm” she mumbled to herself.

Dark Angels: Battle One
[Author: Anders W]
There was already an intense firefight at the bunker helipad. Units from the planetary defense forces had entrenched themselves behind armoured wall segments and bravely returned a murderous fire from several squadrons of Astartes from the Flesh Tearers and the Crimson Fists. From its high altitude Brother Asherai identified a secondary target and swooped down to the center of the helipad. The surprised defenders were shot to pieces by explosive bullets.

Only two were left when the smoke lifted. Uzariel led a troika of combat bikes into the enemy's flanks, where they attacked a living blasphemy: a pack of legionnaires from the Word Bearers. Space around them twisted back and forth, and not even Uzariel could manifest his mighty will through their defenses. Plasma, melta and bolter fire brought down three of the red enemies, but howling they turned their fearsome guises and rained back death and destruction in return. Uzariel suddenly found himself alone, his brothers lay fallen around him, but his sword gleamed in the weak red rays of the sun, as he prepared to plunge into the enemy
He glimpsed something in the corner of his
 eye - a slender figure fell upon him. It was almost invisible, but its movements induced a horror he had not previously experienced. Harlequin! ...
Its sword slashed dozens of holes in his armor, and he saw its mask hover above him as his second heart also gave up. His mind ranged, unfettered for a moment, to give a warning to whoever could hear. "Harlequin ..."


Extra images courtesy of the ECBE (Esteemed Conclave for Battle Evaluation), Astra Militarum:

A squad of Flesh Tearers and a squad of Crimson Fists, hanging in the back.
Crimson Fists rhino.
Death Korps of Krieg Centaur
Local militia holding the helipad

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