Campaign setting and rules

The campaign is set on the Eastern Fringe, west of the Voltoris system. Volitoris is the homeworld of the noble house Terryn and lies in a tranquil part of space, despite  its location close to both the Tau Empire and the encroaching Tyranid Hive Fleets.

 First battles focused around chaos incursions on the deserts on the planet Cerberus XIII, leadeing to open warfare between the Traitor Legion of the Word Bearers and their pawns and a joint force of house Terryn knights and scouting parties from no less than three Space Marine chapters - Fleshtearers, Crimson Fists and Space Wolves.

Xenos forces of the Harlequins have been seen playing both sides, for their own inscrutable reasons.

Fully painted models only. If you lack the models, you will have to borrow.

Each player recieves 1 XP per main game.
XP can be used as follow:

1 XP can bring back a killed warlord or named character. Otherwise you will have to paint a new model. This is for fluff reasons, because we want to create important protagonists.

1 XP can buy 20 extra pts in army list, for one game.

3 XP can buy 40 extra pts in army list, for one game.

1 XP can give a squad +1 BS or WS for one player-turn

1 XP allows you to reroll one die roll

1 XP gives +1 på reserves for one turn

1 XP gives an unit the Zealot-rule for one turn

1 XP can give one orbital strike in one game as per the following rules:
S9, AP3, Ordnance 1, Barrage, Large Blast
If hit = scatter 2d6
If arrow 3d6
HQ needs to be alive to call it
If HQ has LoS = dice result -BS of HQ

Perks and Conquests:
Orks hold Forge World Incaladia - +20 points army each fight without using XP. Zebaot's forces receive +1 to reserve rolls.

House rules:
Chaos "Dreads" have +2 attacks as well

First game started off with 300 pts, three forces in alliance (900 pts in total), next main game for 600 pts, two teams in alliance (1200 pts in total) etc. Smaller games in between the main battles, if people are inclined.

Winning a game may lead to certain advantages in the next major battle.

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