torsdag 30 juni 2016

Battle 7: Chaos Purge on standby - Green intermission.

The Green Tide has overrun the forge world Incatalion and are now striking deep within the sector, ravaging the Chaos-purge on Cerberus XIII.

No retouched images today, sorry for that. I have a vacation and is sitting in a cabin in the middle of the woods while my gaming buddies are playing games at our local shop. They seem to play a game every frickin’ day, while I am stuck drinking beer in hammocks, visit country garage sales and take lakeside swims with the kids. Lucky bastards.

- Location: the desert city of Tartarus, Cerberus XIII.
- Imperial Forces: Dark Angels.
- Invasion forces: Orcs

- Point value: 900 pts
- Result: Orc/Dark Angels 14/4

[Author: Joakim B]

In the dark before the dawn they came. The orks the Blood Angels had warned about. But now on Cerberus, in Tartarus itself. Master Demetrious had gathered what he could of his company and rushed toward the ork landing site but he was too late - the orks had infiltrated the city in great numbers. His actual mission was to find a way into the undercity of Tartarus but he could not ignore the ork presence.
Well placed marines traded fire with ork boyz and artillery but few casualties were inflicted.
The ork advance continued unimpeded until light, when Dark Angel armour and assault squads punished the careless ork vehicles that had advanced ahead of the horde. The smoke stung in the eyes of the boyz who only became hungrier for the fight ahead, the light of bloodlust shining in their beady eyes.

Master Demetrious held a calming eye on his marines as they desperately tried to thin the mobs before them before the inevitable assault.
Then the cry went out: WAAAAAAAGH!! And the orks poured in, through vicious fire and scalding promethium, into arms reach of the outnumbered marines. Slaughter followed when the bestial xenos tore down the stalwart marines with unbridled savagery and sheer weight of numbers. Only Demetrious remained on his feet after the first onslaught when Brother Balduin roared into the combat, his vox screaming out hymns to the God Emperor as he slew half a dozen orks in a few seconds.

To no avail. Demetrious was torn down and struck down by a huge brute with a power klaw and an even bigger brute smashed the weapon from the mount of brother Balduin right arm and then the lid of his most sacred sarcophagus.

In other places the battle still hung in the balance. Ork bikes had been twice repelled; many boyz cut down and several kans and buggies stood burning on the field. Assault squad Athelstane was rampaging through vehicles and a building shielding ork troops when they found the entrance to the undercity. The gretchins had been sitting on it all the while but not realizing what they protected.

Athelstane screamed out his despair and frustration when the order came to retreat. All imperial armour on site had been destroyed and Master Demetrious shattered body had just been recovered by the beleaguered squad Enshkal. Numerically the marines had not lost too many but the situation was unsustainable, the orks were just too numerous.

The Dark Angel foray into Tartarus had not had an auspicious beginning but Interrogator Chaplain Isiah Wrath had his hopes up. Now they knew two of their many enemies on Cerberus and they would not fall so easily next time.

Additional images found in an ork "Peepa-Shoota" forgotten on the battlefield.
Courtesy the ECBE (Esteemed Conclave for Battle Evaluation), Astra Militarum.

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