fredag 8 juli 2016

Battle 9: The Long War rages on

New battle fought on the Eastern Fringe, new post on Uppsala Grimdark. The Wordbearers prescensce on Cerberus XIII is holding, despite several Imperial armies trying to force a decisive battle. Will a scouting force of the Dark Angels 4:th manage to corner the traitorous legionnaires?

 - Location: the desert city of Tartarus, Cerberus XIII.
- Imperial Forces: Dark Angels 4:th company
- Chaos Forces: The Wordbearers
- Points value: 600 points on each side

[Author: Jon]

With a cut of his force-blade Marchosias cleaved the Dark Angel from his bike, only to be shot by the loyalist's comrade. He felt his armor fracture, and bright pain shot from his shoulder.

Around him the remainder of his squad had fallen, and only one of the False God's slaves remained. But he knew that there were more of them near, a speeder and a walker, at least. It was high time to retreat, so he spun a lie of warp threads and sent it towards his foe, making him see Marchosias' death. Only, later, there would be no corpse.

He stumbled away from the battle site, hidden from the minds of his pursuers. It would not be a pretty report to give to his Lord. Initially, all had went well. He had shredded the minds of their first attackers, a whole squad reduced to mindless husks with his power, and the leader of the Dark Angels, a chaplain of the Corpse God, had likewise fallen. Then, the fates had turned against them.

Their mortal allies had not fared well against the mechanized units opposing them. The Speeder had mowed them down, and a unit of scouts had killed them from afar. Marchosias had called to acolyte Agares and his unit for help, but they had been too far away to matter for the battle. Wisely they had deemed the situation lost, and retreated.

Of acolyte Marax' unit, that on this occasion had been his personal retinue, none followed him now. He hoped that some of them managed to escape in the inevitable confusion after a battle. For their allies he had little hope, and to be truthful he no longer thought of them. Their souls had gone to the warp, little sparks in a sea of souls.

Their task was done with their time in this world. His task was still ahead of him. The Long War would rage a long time still.


Additional images courtesy of the Dark Angels memorial archive. Unauthorized viewing considered Heresy.

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